We love dogs and we like to help you manage your busy life. If you’re going for vacation or simply working at day time and nobody is left to take care of your pet, NO NEED TO WORRY NOW, we’re here to HELP you get on with your busy day to day life. We give all the love and care for your pet and make sure he/she’ll be happy with us with every service we provide.

Need Help with your Pet? We can help you when you can’t.

We know how hard it is to leave your pet alone and worrying how’s it gonna be without you. We’re here to give you a helping hand, and provide similar care as you do for your pet. We also have a unique service that caters to keeping your environment clean. We’re willing to do the dirty job so you don’t have to. We are honest, hard working people, and simply love dogs.

Service Name


Rate per visit

Sunny Walker

  • We walk your dog plus play with him at day time.
  • We also provide him water during the walk.
  • Duration: 1/2 – 1 hour

$18.00 (once per week)
$11.00 (twice or more per week)

  • $5.00 additional per dog

Moon Walker

  • We walk your dog at night time (7 – 8 pm)
  • We also provide him water during the walk.
  • We bring flash light and blinking/reflective device for safety
  • Good for people who goes to an evening party/event and you need someone to walk your dog at night time.
  • Duration: 1/2 – 1 hour

$20.00 (once per week)
$17.00 ( twice or more per week)

  • $5.00 additional per dog

Dog Couch Potato

  • We visit your dog twice or three times a day.
  • Feed and change the water bowl (2 or 3 times as required by your pet)
  • Give oral medication when required
  • Spend time playing with your pet

$25.00 (once per week)
$20.00 (twice or more per week)

  • $5.00 additional per dog

Picker Upper

  • Clean your pet’s waste (pick-up the poohs) around your house (front and back yard). We do the dirty job for you
  • Dispose it accordingly
  • We keep your yard clean of waste
  • Duration: first 1 hr.

$20.00 (once per week)
$16.00 (twice or more per week)

  • $10 per additional hour

Pet Taxi

  • Run errands for your pet’s needs (buy food supplies, medication, etc.)
  • If you need someone to take your dog to the vet, we can do that for you
  • Any emergency situation, we can give your pet a ride

$20.00 minimum

Wash! Wash!

  • You don’t need to go to a grooming place all the time, we can give your dog a basic wash
  • We blow dry the hair too and comb it
  • Please provide your own pet’s shampoo
  • Save money today and we’ll get your pet smelling clean

$20.00 only!

Dog Executive Planner

  • We keep you inform of your pet’s doctor appointment. We know a lot of people forget schedules, we’re here to keep track
  • Create a record for your pet

$5.00 per month

Featured Services

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We will get to know you and your pets. We will never excuse ourselves from a face to face conversation with you to answer the phone. We will never make you feel silly for asking questions, calling to check on your dog, sharing dog stories, or asking us to point out your dog’s new best friend at school.