The D.K. Bulldog, is a non profit organisation, conducted entirely by voluntary Instructors. The Club commenced in 1996, when our eager training instructors got together to form a club. The heart of the club was to ensure there was a friendly atmosphere and to encourage all dog owners to teach their dog basic obedience.

Care and Grooming

Normal cleaning and also showering are very important for any kind of dog. Regularity and also items to make use of range people, and also we enjoy to review what is most suitable for your dog with you.


A top quality diet plan is crucial to maintaining your dog healthy and balanced, as well as we enjoy to review specifically what food is best for your dog. Excellent nourishment can likewise assist take care of a great deal of persistent medical problems, consisting of diabetes mellifluous, kidney condition and also joint inflammation.

Regular Check-Ups

We advise routine examinations for pets of every ages, a minimum of yearly. A dog’s health can alter a whole lot in a brief time period, as well as routine examinations can assist capture any kind of hidden issues beforehand prior to you familiarize them.


A trained dog is a pleased dog, as well as a delighted dog makes a pleased proprietor! We run a terrific four-week Puppy Preschool program for young pups as well as likewise offer behavioral guidance and also suggest training courses for elder pets.

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At D.K. Bulldog DayCare, your dog will enjoy supervised free play, socialization, command reinforcement (positive only), and tons of TLC in a safe, secure, fun environment. Our temperature controlled facility has rubber flooring inside for bruise-free tumbling, and outdoor space for fresh air, sunshine, and potty breaks.

Dog day care is an excellent way to socialize your dog in a neutral environment. While your dog is with us she is supervised by a caring staff in neutral territory. Even though dogs become very attached to staff members, it is still different than play that happens while owners are present. We have seen many examples over the years of dogs that are very aggressive when their owner is present, but play and have fun with the other dogs while they are with us.


Here at D.K. Bulldog’s your pets get to run as fast as they can in the fields, and sniff out bunny smells. They can leap into the water and splash, or snooze in the shade.There is lots of fresh air and lots of friendly play.

We could no longer leave our dog at home alone while we left each morning to go to work, we finally figured out a way for dogs to have plenty of fun and never to be alone again!

D.K. Bulldog all started with our passion and love for our dog and all the other dogs out there that needed to have fun while their owners had to go to work, vacation, etc. The dog training concept of D.K. Bulldog, that still stands true day after day, is to provide the best care and quality lifestyle for your dog while you cannot be with him. D.K. Bulldog strives to make each and every dog happy and loved while in our care. We promise to treat you beloved dog with respect and integrity.

D.K. Bulldog Dog Training provides the three essentials to make it a great doggies day:

  • Exercise & lots of playtime
  • Socialization w/other dogs
  • Love and nurturing


We pride ourselves on our customer service. We will get to know you and your pets. We will never excuse ourselves from a face to face conversation with you to answer the phone. We will never make you feel silly for asking questions, calling to check on your dog, sharing dog stories, or asking us to point out your dog’s new best friend at school.